COVID-19 Obe Lesotho

“Tjee ka chaba tse ling, pale tsa Basotho li bont’sa botebo ba monahano ka bophelo ka kakaretso. E ‘ngoe ea lipale e re hopotsang bophelo bo re tjametseng kajeno, kea Obe, eo eona e re rutang ka maemo a tlokotsi. Pale ea Obe e supa ha ene e nanarela batho ka khitla. E qotse hlatsipa la eona ent’o khikhitha ho ea le naha. Motho oa teng o ne a tla lla a re ea nkuka, ea mpea ho fihla moo lentsoe le tlang ho nyamela. Paleng ena, banna ba ne ba tsoa lets’olo, mong ka mong a nkile koantsanyane le molamu oa ts’ukulu ho ea bolaea Obe. Pale ena e bohlokoa ho Mosotho oa kajeno ha re shebane le sebata se re tonetseng mahlo.

Litaba tsa COVID-19, li re hopotsa tsa Obe. COVID-19 e iphetotse Obe ea kajeno. Setlabocha Obe, ke ena kajeno e qeta machaba a lefats’e. ‘Muso oa Motlotlehi o e ntse boipiletso ho loants’a sera sena. Ke ipapisa le mohoo oo, ka hona ke ipiletsa ho Mosotho e mong le e mong le metsoalle ho nka koantsanyane le molamu oa ts’ukulu ho hlasela Obe setlabocha. Re kopa lithuso ho lona hore re tsebe ho thusetsa. Basotho ba re hlaahlela le lla ka leleng, ka hona Basotho ba heso re kopa le kenye letsoho letloleng la lithuso la Motlotlehi Mofumahali ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso.”

Her Majesty Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso


  1. What is the Queen’s National Trust Fund?
    The Queen’s National Trust Fund is a fund set up by her Majesty Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso to assist worthy courses including education for disadvantaged children, providing sanitary towels to girls in Lesotho and money others.
  2. What is COVID-19 Obe Lesotho?
    Covid-19 Obe Lesotho is a none-governmental organization founded by a group of daughters and sons of Lesotho residing in South Africa in order to assist Lesotho to curb COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Why was COVID-19 Obe Lesotho established?
    COVID-19 Obe Lesotho was established in order to raise funds and none monetary donations that are necessary in the fight against the pandemic.
  4. What will the funds be used for? What can the funds be spent towards
    The funds will be used to purchase resources used to:
    • Promote awareness about the disease – promotion material and media campaigns on social distancing, handwashing, isolation, quarantine & treatment.
    • Identify cases in stages of screening, testing, tracking & tracing as well as conducting surveillance studies – swabs, test tubes, reagents, lab equipment,
    • thermometers
    • Protect those at high risk especially health professionals & other front-line workers by offering PPE, sanitizers and other essential protective medical equipment -facemasks, gloves, gowns, goggles
    • Treat infected patients – medication and oxygen
    • Support the vulnerable groups – food
  5. Who will benefit from and or is eligible to receive resources form raised donations?
    Individual Basotho, organizations, institutions and associations who need the resources according to protocols set by the relevant authorities in Lesotho
  1. Who will be responsible for procurement of the resources mentioned above?
    A Liaison Committee established under the Queen’s National Trust Fund in Lesotho will be responsible for procurement and payments of goods & services rendered for this initiative
  2. What guarantee do I have that my donation will go to good course? and not be used otherwise?
    The Queen’s National Trust Fund is a credible organization with a track record of over twenty six years of supporting worthy causes for Basotho. The monetary funds will be deposited directly into the Queen’s National Trust Fund while the none monetary donations will be delivered to the Queen’s National Trust Fund by the management committee of
  3. What is the targeted amount to be raised?
    COVID-19 is an evolving diseases worldwide and its progression will require modelling at which point the respective costs of containment can be made. For now we know the total population of Lesotho, which is 2.14million (2020) as well as the estimated number of people that will be screened & tested. However further cost for steps in the progression of the disease such as treatment & surveillance are not yet known.
  4. How do I make a donation?
    Make a bank deposit into the following Bank account:

    Account name: QNTF COVID-19 Obe Lesotho
    Account number: 1199 0097 587
    Branch Name:Nedbank Lesotho Maseru
    Branch Number: 390161
    Swift Code: NEDLLSMX
    Reference: Your Surname/Company name: COVID-19
    Email proof of deposit to: OR